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  • Gradients of properties increase the morphing and stiffening performance of bioinspired synthetic fin rays 23. May 2024
    State-of-the-art morphing materials are either very compliant to achieve large shape changes (flexible metamaterials, compliant mechanisms, hydrogels), or very stiff but with infinitesimal changes in shape that require large actuation forces (metallic or composite panels with piezoelectric actuation). Morphing efficiency and structural stiffness are therefore mutually exclusive properties in current engineering morphing materials, which limits […]
    Saurabh Das, Prashant Kunjam, Jona Faye Ebeling and Francois Barthelat
  • Research of biomimetic corrugation on the blade flutter suppression in large-scale wind turbine systems 20. May 2024
    Aiming at the blade flutter of large horizontal-axis wind turbines, a method by utilizing biomimetic corrugation to suppress blade flutter is first proposed. By extracting the dragonfly wing corrugation, the biomimetic corrugation airfoil is constructed, finding that mapping corrugation to the airfoil pressure side has better aerodynamic performance. The influence of corrugation type, amplitude λ, […]
    Lijun Zhang, Kaifei Wang, Xu Zhang, Shibo Liu, Zhengjun Jing, Jiahui Lu, Xudong Cui and Jing Liu
  • Investigation of the resilience of cyclically actuated pine cone scales of Pinus jeffreyi 20. May 2024
    The resilience of pine cone scales has been investigated in the context of current architectural efforts to develop bioinspired passive façade shading systems that can help regulate the indoor climate. As previously shown for other species, separated tissues of Pinus jeffreyi pine cone scales show independent hygroscopic bending. The blocking force that pine cone scales […]
    Kim Ulrich, Lukas Genter, Simon Schäfer, Tom Masselter and Thomas Speck

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  • Synapse: Spark Biomimicry Ideas 26. August 2019
    Synapse by Biomimicry 3.8 is an environment for our staff to share their expertise and thought leadership in biomimicry with the world. It’s our way of inviting you to join us […] The post Synapse: Spark Biomimicry Ideas appeared first on Biomimicry 3.8.
  • Beautiful News South Africa implements Biomimicry into Town Design 27. June 2018
    “For us to coexist with nature I think we really need to humble ourselves and learn from nature,” Swain says. As the founder of the NPO BioWise, she uses biomimicry […] The post Beautiful News South Africa implements Biomimicry into Town Design appeared first on Biomimicry 3.8.
  • Impressive Impact: 2016-2018 Cohort Grads Ready to Lead 24. April 2018
    The newest set of Certified Biomimicry Professionals graduated during a ceremony in Kona, Hawaii The post Impressive Impact: 2016-2018 Cohort Grads Ready to Lead appeared first on Biomimicry 3.8.