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  • Obstacle effects on electrocommunication with applications to object detection of underwater robots 15. August 2019
    Some fish species communicate electrically (termed electrocommunication) in turbid waters where other communication modalities fail. Inspired by this biological phenomenon, we have developed an artificial electrocommunication system for underwater robots (Wang et al 2017 Bioinspir. Biomimetics 12 036002). Due to the complex terrain of the ocean, electrocommunication could be affected by potential obstacles. In this […]
    Yu-Ting Chen, Wei Wang, Liang Li, Ryan Kelly and Guangming Xie
  • An earthworm-inspired soft robot with perceptive artificial skin 15. August 2019
    The bodies of earthworms are composed of repeating deformable structural units, called metameres , that generate the peristaltic body motions required for limbless underground burrowing and above-ground crawling. Metameres are actuated by circular and longitudinal muscles that are activated synchronously by the animals’ nervous systems. A significant number of the neural-motor feedback loops function with […]
    Ariel A Calderón, Joakin C Ugalde, Longlong Chang, Juan Cristóbal Zagal and Néstor O Pérez-Arancibia
  • A new robotic tactile sensor with bio-mimetic structural colour inspired by Morpho butterflies 15. August 2019
    Since tactile perception and robotic manipulation play important roles in human survival, we propose a new method for developing robotic tactile sensors based on the structural colours of Morpho menelaus (a kind of Morpho butterfly). The first task is to fabricate a flexible bioinspired grating with a similar microstructure to the wings of Morpho menelaus […]
    Yin Zhu, Jiawen Hao, Weihua Li, Jie Yang and Erbao Dong

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  • An sp-hybridized molecular carbon allotrope, cyclo[18]carbon 15. August 2019
    Carbon allotropes built from rings of two-coordinate atoms, known as cyclo[n]carbons, have fascinated chemists for many years, but until now they could not be isolated or structurally characterized, due to their high reactivity. We generated cyclo[18]carbon (C18) using atom manipulation on bilayer NaCl on Cu(111) at 5 Kelvin by eliminating carbon monoxide from a cyclocarbon […]
    Kaiser, K., Scriven, L. M., Schulz, F., Gawel, P., Gross, L., Anderson, H. L.
  • Genetic behavioral screen identifies an orphan anti-opioid system 15. August 2019
    Opioids target the μ-opioid receptor (MOR) to produce unrivaled pain management but their addictive properties can lead to severe abuse. We developed a whole animal behavioral platform for unbiased discovery of genes influencing opioid responsiveness. Using forward genetics in C. elegans, we identified a conserved orphan receptor, GPR139, with anti-opioid activity. GPR139 is coexpressed with […]
    Wang, D., Stoveken, H. M., Zucca, S., Dao, M., Orlandi, C., Song, C., Masuho, I., Johnston, C., Opperman, K. J., Giles, A. C., Gill, M. S., Lundquist, E. A., Grill, B., Martemyanov, K. A.
  • Cryo-EM structures capture the transport cycle of the P4-ATPase flippase 15. August 2019
    In eukaryotic membranes, P4-ATPases mediate the translocation of phospholipids from the outer to inner leaflet and maintain lipid asymmetry, which is critical for membrane trafficking and signaling pathways. Here we report the cryo-EM structures of six distinct intermediates of the human ATP8A1-CDC50a hetero-complex, at 2.6–3.3 Å resolutions, elucidating lipid translocation cycle of this P4-ATPase. ATP-dependent […]
    Hiraizumi, M., Yamashita, K., Nishizawa, T., Nureki, O.

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  • Beautiful News South Africa implements Biomimicry into Town Design 27. June 2018
    “For us to coexist with nature I think we really need to humble ourselves and learn from nature,” Swain says. As the founder of the NPO BioWise, she uses biomimicry to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems.   To see the whole article and more, check out Beautiful News South Africa’s Facebook page. The post […]
  • Impressive Impact: 2016-2018 Cohort Grads Ready to Lead 24. April 2018
    The newest set of Certified Biomimicry Professionals graduated during a ceremony in Kona, Hawaii The post Impressive Impact: 2016-2018 Cohort Grads Ready to Lead appeared first on Biomimicry 3.8.
  • Moving innovations more effectively from concept to marketplace 19. April 2018
    Biomimicry 3.8 and Blue Marble are proud to announce a new partnership that will for the first time deliver a complete innovation solutions service The post Moving innovations more effectively from concept to marketplace appeared first on Biomimicry 3.8.